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Inflatable and deflatable high resistance fenders
Parabordi Certec Piatti
Parabordi Certec Cilindrici

Fenders, extremely indispensable equipment, often cause insurmountable stowage problems: even if you own a large yacht or large lockers, the space occupied by fenders always seems wasted, doesn't it?

The French Certec has developed several models of fenders that we will define as high-speed inflation and deflation.
Parabordi Certec
Elegant, light, more resistant and safer, in different sizes and colours, they are equipped with large capacity valves (like those of inflatable boats) in order to allow for the rapid deflation of at least a few "excess" fenders that you do not know where to stow.

Returning to the marina, using a normal tender pump or an electric one, they are instantly ready for the new mooring (watch the video in Italian below).

However, our fenders have been designed to meet two needs: the first, which we have seen, is that of reduced stowage on board, the other is that of maximizing the protection of your boat.

For this we have worked on the volume.

Indeed, Certec fenders offer the maximum volume of resistance possible: they must NOT be inflated to high pressure. They are quite soft and their thickness together with the resistance of the materials will protect your boat like no other.

Each of our fenders can be fixed either vertically or horizontally to ensure the best arrangement for maximum protection.

Made in France, they are in high quality PVC, each part is sewn and glued.

All models are supplied complete with an elegant and resistant removable Cordura cover sock. The use tested for years of a wear-resistant fabric such as Cordura is one of the differences of Certec fenders.

Parabordi Certec cilindrici
Exclusive advantages of Certec fenders:

1. Fast inflation and deflation system for easy stowage
2. Maximum air volumes for maximum protection
3. Both vertical and horizontal fixing points for the best protection
4. Top quality materials and finishes for maximum safety over time
5. Modern design and wide range of colors for an eye-catching look
6. Cover sock in resistant Cordura: it will no longer be necessary to change the worn sock after a few months or a season of use.
We essentially have two types of standard Certec fenders:

Cylindrical fenders - recommended by us (cm)
25x50/70; 30x70: 35x70/100; 50x50; 50x80/150/180; 70x100/120;100x120/150; 120x150/180

Flat fenders (cm):
50x80/100/120; 60x60/80/100/120; 80x150

But on request we can also make custom-made fenders, of special forging or quayside:
Parabordo da banchina
Parabordo speciale su misura
These are the measures we recommend according to the size of the boats:

There is no unique method to determine the size: in addition to the size of the boat, it will also have to take into account the height of the topsides and the displacement (the more surface to the wind, the higher the displacement = fenders + bigger)
Yacht length
Dimensions of Cylindrical Fenders
17-32 feet / 5-9,6 metres
25 x 50 cm
32-45 feet / 9,6-13,7 metres
25 x 70 cm
45-55 feet / 12,6-16,5 metres
30x70 cm - 50x50 cm
55-99 feet / 16,5-30 metries
35x70/100 - 50x80/100/150 cm
70x120 - 100x120/150 - 50x50 cm

This is the wide range of colors available for Cordura socks

("click" on the photo to enlarge it)

The colours, not the fabrics on which they are applied, have a resistance to UV which depends on the pigments used for the color itself.
It is therefore not possible to speak of a single minimum resistance for all shades.
However, we can indicate which more resistant colors are black or gray
Our Certec fenders are the best choice for the protection of your yacht at the dock, the aesthetics and the stowage on board.

Finally, as far as we know, they are the only ones sold with the special cordura sock: this means greater resistance and great savings over time!

Watch the explanatory video
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