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The compact and safe fire extinguisher with unique performance
Estiintrore Maus
From Sweden we exclusively present the innovative and safe MAUS Aerosol fire extinguisher by Xtin Klein.

Extremely compact and safe, the MAUS Mini and Maus Grand fire extinguishers guarantee extinguishing capacities comparable respectively to those of a 2 or 6 kilogram fire extinguisher (9 – 10 seconds of use) depending on the model.
Estintore Maus con piastra
RINA certified (CSST 9203) as a fire extinguisher for pleasure boats/flame inhibitor, and obviously CE certified, it is allowed as emergency equipment on board.

Thanks to its mixture it is suitable, as a very efficient additional unit, for use against all types of small fires such as fuels (petrol, alcohol, diesel), electric circuits up to 75,000 Volts, gas, cooking oil/grease, generic oils, wood, plastic, synthetic and non-synthetic fabrics, etc.

Furthermore, unlike traditional fire extinguishers, MAUS Aerosol leaves no residue and does not dirty, so it does not deteriorate or ruin the environment in which it is used.

This inevitably increases its safety as there is no scruple that can inhibit its use, even if only for a few fatal seconds, precisely because it does not cause damage.

Finally, THEY DO NOT REQUIRE MAINTENANCE or have an expiry date (if not the guarantee).

The operating principle of MAUS fire extinguishers:

What makes our MAUS Mini and Maus Grand extraordinary is the special blend: an aerosol of potassium powder. Aerosol and potassium powder extinguishing agents offer a unique method of extinguishing fires, through a very fine dispersion in the environment generated by vaporization and subsequent condensation of the substance.

This substance remains in suspension for a long time after its emission, continuing the extinguishing action.

This fire-fighting technology was first used in space and today it is used by brands like Volkswagen and Audi or even the National Swedish Bombsquad!
Esploso Maus
Comando Estintore MAUS
Other unique features of the MAUS Mini and MAUS Grand are the structure and cocking concept that make it the easiest to use, most efficient and safest flame arrester.

Thanks to a controlled flow emission system, it does not allow any dangerous backfire if the fire persists after delivery.

The dimensions are extremely small: the MAUS Mini has a cylindrical body of 242 mm in length, with a diameter of 52 mm for 450 grams! Practically smaller than a folding umbrella...
With an ergonomic and intuitive design, they are equipped with a plate to be hung anywhere on board.

As explained, MAUS Grand is absolutely identical in terms of technology, and in practice triples the extinguishing capacity of the Mini (21BC) making it usable also for engine systems (depending the power).

Ergonomics is maintained thanks to the handle with push-button trigger, its dimensions rise to 10x10x24 cm for a weight of only 1,450 grams, and a very powerful delivery of about 9 – 10 seconds.
What is an aerosol and what are its characteristics

An aerosol is a type of colloid in which a liquid or solid is suspended in a gas. The diameter of the particles is normally between 1 µm and 1 nm, but if there are turbulent motions even larger particles can be included.

Typical examples of natural aerosols are clouds, fog, mist, atmospheric dust.
The typical example of artificial aerosols are spray cans.

In our context, the great advantage of potassium aerosol lies in its fire-extinguishing capacity which is clearly manifested in its use in closed environments such as below deck or in a locker.

Unlike traditional powder and foam extinguishing agents, which settle by gravity once emitted by the fire extinguisher, potassium aerosol floats in the air for several tens of seconds before settling, thus increasing its extinguishing effectiveness throughout the 'environment.
• Class B - Liquids
• Class C - Gas
• Class E - Living environment and electronic components
• Class F - Cooking oils and fats
MAUS Mini: 497gr
MAUS Grand: 1.750 gr
MAUS Mini: 4.9x4.9x24 cm
Maus Grand: 10x9.50x23.50 cm
Fire Class
MAUS Mini: 8BC (suggested by RINA as auxiliary)
MAUS Grand: 21BC
70-80% smaller than a traditional fire extinguisher of equal extinguishing capacity
Non toxic
guaranteed for human health
Clean Agents
respectful of the environment
No Residue
avoid the costly damage of cleaning and repainting
Not dangerous
safe to use on motors, transformers, electrical and electronic equipment, mechanical equipment
5 year guarantee
No Product Expiration
CertifictionsCE e RINA
MAUS Mini and Maus Grand are the only small potassium extinguishers for any type of fire
- by boat they make the difference! -
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