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LongFender, the flat, foldable, stowable fenders
LongFender parabordi
The protection of moored yachts is an important issue that we are all familiar with. But fender stowage is also often a big problem most of the time not solved.

From the German-Dutch seaEQ we present Longfender, a real Foldable and Flat Fender System.
SeaEq Fender System
Compact, built with durable high quality materials, Longfender fenders have been developed thanks to long tests both in the laboratory and at sea.

The studies carried out during the design period have shown that thanks to the homogeneous support on the bulwarks to which they are hung, their high-density and resistant layer manages to homogeneously protect the hulls from any type of impact, EVEN FROM A CORNER!

The secret is the ability to distribute the impact over the entire surface in contact with the fender (see video).

Also, being 'full', unlike any inflatable fender they cannot burst.

Longfender fenders therefore protect your yacht not only from other boats, but also from pontoons or rocks, and thanks to their minimum thickness (25 mm or 50 mm depending on the model) they are super-effective even in the narrowest berths. The latter is in fact a widespread problem in the many marinas built in the twenty years of the 70s - 80s when the boats were designed with modest maximum beams compared to the current ones.

The nylon fabric cover makes the Longfenders resistant over time, both to bad weather and to abrasion: the 23 mm (or 48 mm) padding is in an externally compact, robust and cut-resistant material (EPDM/PE) ; the part in contact with the boat is in smooth fabric so as to minimize the risk of abrasion.

When underway, folded they take up very little space and solve stowage problems.

Longfender fenders guarantee:
• Optimal protection surface, wider than traditional fenders and absolutely homogeneous
• Use even in very narrow moorings (25 mm or 50 mm thick)
• The possibility of doubling the protection by folding it on itself
• Very high versatility
• Folded up they are easy to stow

Guaranteed for 3 years, Longfender fenders are available in three colors (black, gray or blue), and in four sizes (LF 700; LF 1400; LF 2100 XL; LF 2100)
Scelta colori SeaEq Fender System
Longfender XL
Misure parabordi Longfenders
LF 2100 XL= 2100x550x27 mm; weight about 5 kg

LF 2100= 2100x400x27 mm; weight about 3 kg

LF 1400 = 1400x400x27 mm; weight about 2 kg

LF 700 = 700x400x50 mm also use vertically; weight about 0,5 kg
SeaEq LongFender
SeaEq LongFender
1 The SeaEq LongFender fender system offers the widest and most homogeneous protection possible
2. They are hung in the traditional way from both high and low lifelines
3. If necessary, they can also be used folded
SeaEq LongFender
LongFender Videos
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