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Usacord Shock-Line
The only mooring-line with integrated shock-absorber
We are sure that your marina your own yacht it is perfectly moored with adequate shock-absorbers and lines.
But when you live your marine for a nice cruising and you shelter yourself in a different berth do you have with you all your mooring set? And in that case, do you use it?
We are peaty sure that you use normal mooring ropes with no absorbers and no springs

We are proud to introduce you a product that will positively improve your carousing habits: is called Usacord Shock-Line and is patent by the Sailfabrik Ullman.

Usacord Shock-line is a excellent polyester mooring rope with an integrated shock-absorber made in pure latex inside the sock.

Safe and elegant, Usacord Shock-Line is available in several diameters and lengths (see the charts below), all equipped with a ending loop of 25 centimetres (inside).

The price is more convenient than buying a mooring rope + final loop + shock absorber
The idea is as simple as efficient: stocking on board 2-4 Usacord Shock-Lines give you the possibility to quick mooring with already prepared dedicates ropes and guarantee you maximum comfort and safeness thanks to the integrated shock absorbers.
Usacord Shock-Line is the only fully-equipped mooring line for cruising and guarantee you:
  • Easy and save mooring operation thanks to the integrated loop.
  • The full comfort of a damped mooring thanks to the integrate shock absorber
  • Maximum safe in bad whether condition: preserve your cleats from extra loads
Usacord Shock line is the best rope for mooring buoy too!
IMPORTANT: Please keep in your mind for your own marina mooring is the Shock-line version with double splice with a stainless steel eye!
Shock Line
Shock Line
That is the best solution for whom in there own marina keep his yacht with one ore two moorings down from the bow.
Thanks to the second splice with a stainless steel eye, you can fix your Usacord Shock-Line directly to the sea-bottom chain on place of the rope you are using now.
Your yacht become more comfortable and well protected from any direction strong wind coming.
Both type of our Shock-Lines guarantee you:

  • Colour fast, even under extreme exposure to sunlight
  • High tear resistance
  • Resistant to salt water, wet, acids, oil, petrol
  • Rot resistance
  • No axial twisting of the elastic element
  • Does not become brittle
  • Easy handling
  • Does not get caught
  • Does not collect algae
  • Ideal for storing away

Usacord Shock-Line, it is an inexpensive product that improve your safeness and comfort on board during cursing or in your own marina
Usacord Shock-Line
Breaking Loads
12 mm
4 mt
2.340 kg
15 mm
6 mt
3.260 kg
18 mm
8 mt
4.070 kg
26 mm
10 mt
6.100 kg
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