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Ultra Anchor, Ultra Safety         

L'ancora ULTRA
Are you sure that your current anchor delivers maximum security and peace of  mind? Are you absolutely certain that there isn't an anchor that can be called the best on the market?
The biggest mistake you can make is to choose an anchor whose sole feature is to remain fixed!
Think about it for a minute and reflect upon whether your current anchor adequately complies or satisfies one or more of the following static or dynamic characteristics and standards that the Ultra Anchor assures:

Self-Righting: Whichever way Ultra Anchor gets down to the sea bed the unique self-righting characteristic enable it to automatically positions itself into a correct grip and then to dig deeper & set faster.
It never slips on the sea-bed even if obstacles or difficulties stop it from positioning itself automatically, as soon as the chain is tout, the anchor  straightens and heads to position itself in that place. It pushes down deeply in very little space and on any kind of penetrable sea-beds.
  • It is better at boring into the ocean floor. Since it's already pointing in the right direction, the more throws the deeper it goes.
    It has the best hold on sandy sea floors
    It has the best hold on gravel sea floors
    It has the best hold on muddy sea floors
    It has the best hold on a standard penetrable seaweed bed.
  • It's good at resisting gusts of wind and tide currents, it is in fact capable of doing a 360° turn or more without ever loosing its griping and stays very efficiently anchored in position.
  • Even in very extreme and exceptional conditions, the anchor would start to plough but it would never unfix itself from the sea-bottom! ULTRAnchor would stay well anchored into the sea bottom maintaining maximum hold even if  moving because the pulling.
  • It has an estimated hold of over 1,5 times compared to all other anchors on the market.


It's very easy to set. It straightens and aligns automatically as soon as the chain is pulled and it copes with many anchoring errors.
It's easy to clean because it doesn't have any hollow cavities, pivots or hinges that catch weeds or m
It's extremely elegant and stylish.

  • It was designed to get into practically any kind of standard anchor bow-rollers
  • It's hand made of  AISI 316 L stainless steel
  • It has a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing faults.
  • Ultra Anchor is the only anchor in the world that has these special features and  performs in this way.
  • It will improve your on-board experience, allowing your to enjoy your free time guaranteeing safety and peace of mind that you currently don't have with your old anchor!
Due Ultranchor sullo sloop Jazz

The Ultra Anchor is special:

All modern anchors are called “shaped Anchors”, in other words, designed to hold mainly because of their shape and not just their weight.
All other anchors - such as the Delta, Bruce, CQR, Trefoil, Danforth, Fortress, Spade, Rochna - have concave,  convex or flat conception designs unlike the ULTRA.
ULTRAnchor is the only one of its kind in the world designed to incorporate, all the concave, convex or flat parts on every surface. So thanks to its perfect geometrical shape, ULTRAnchor has unique features that not so long ago seemed impossible.

For this reason we have defined it "The geometrically complex anchor".

Its concave fluke and convex tip which curves downwards, guiding it deep into the sea bed, guaranteeing an easy grip and a superior hold (it has a hold estimated up to 1,5 more than other anchors on sale).
The ploughshare, situated at the base of the fluke, and not at the top, as  seen on the Delta, the CQR, the Kobra and the new Brake, breaks and opens up the sea floor at the penetration tip and not upwards which would weaken the hold, so allowing the anchor to head deep down in when the pull increases.

And should there be tides, waves or gusts of wind, thanks to the side wings plates and the curved tip, it's the only anchor that can do 360° or more without coming loosing and unfix itself and maintains maximum hold. And when it is drawn up vertically, thanks to the curved tip, the very low centre of gravity and the front part of the slim downwards curving fluke, it frees itself very easily.
The weight is concentrated on the fluke, the shank is allow and the fluke is full of lead. So, 60% of the weight is concentrated around the tip!
These characteristics, as well as its original design, make Ultra  Anchor self-raising by using it's weight, in contrast with Rocna, Manson, Bugel and the new Spade that are self-raising thanks to a big roll-bar, that shifts the centre of gravity upwards but so limits sea bed penetration.

The anchor Ultra has been developed and patent by the Turkish Company Ultra Marine
Why is ULTRAnchor made of stainless steel?

Besides manufacturing characteristics, such as the hollow shank and the fluke full of lead, that make construction easier in stainless steel rather than galvanized, there is an important reason that made us choose the limited offer of the more expensive stainless steel.

In extreme conditions, the working pressure on ULTRAnchor is so great, that if it were made of galvanized, it could bend or buckle and so lose its shape, hold or break. Stainless steel has a higher resistance and breaking load and this makes ULTRAnchor more capable of holding in difficult conditions keeping his shape.

Considering Ultra Anchor's superior hold, we strongly recommend you combine this item with its articulated, straightening, rotating pivot ULTRA Flip Swivel, that guarantees a greater resistance to breakage when loaded and so complies to the same top standards as Ultra nchor in difficult conditions.

Ultra Anchor can be adapted to more than 90% of anchor bow rollers but we can also supply you with Ultra Bow Roller made specifically for our Ultra Anchor.
Please select the dimension of your ULTRAnchor

Sail Boat
Power Boat

Disp.Lenght  DIN766
5 15171,1
- Anchor selection should be based on the largest anchor recommended, according to boat weight (fully loaded) and boat length, as per selection chart. Windage must be considered.
- One size smaller may be sufficient subject to recommendations.
- Recommended anchor size is covered by the Manufacturer Life Time Warranty (conditions apply).
- Whilst UlLTRAnchor is designed to withstand extreme load, using excessive engine power to free the anchor might lead to deformation and void the warranty agreement.
- We recommend the use of a trip line or ULTRAnchor Ring to free the anchor.
- ULTRAnchors over 100kg must be selected by Lloyds (UltrAnchor Selection Chart is to be used for guidance only).

- ULTRAnchors are designed for bow or stern anchors and are not suitable for use with a side hawse hole.

We decline liability
We remind customers that although it has exceptional holding and gripping characteristics in extreme conditions, ULTRAnchor is not suitable and should not be used for fixed/permanent mooring. Like all anchors, in accordance with sea fairing norms and current regulations, ULTRAnchor should only be used for temporary anchoring or mooring.
Boyut Marine and consequently F&B Yachting, decline all responsibility should ULTRAnchor be used incorrectly, or should it be used in breach of maritime law or seafaring current norms in Italy or abroad.

The hold is at least 4 times greater than a standard anchor

Has quality Certification
ISO 9001 : 2008

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