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Frullino Selden
As Seldén Agents we introduce you on a selection of just those equipments that are suitable accessories of our range products. The Seldén catalogue is so large to make impossible for us to treat all subjects on this page. We will be anyway happy to make you any kind of quotation even on other Seldén equipments that we are not able to show you on this page:
First of all the ingenious feature with the new Seldén reversable winches is that you can let the rope out by reversing the winch drum.

The purpose made winch handle has a knob which is pushed down with your thumb to prepare the winch for reverse drive. The winch handle is rotated clock wise and the rope is eased out.

The rope remains in the self-tailing jaws all the time which means it’s a one hand operation to trim the sheet, the halyard or the windward guy.
Fast trim is a great advantage for the racing sailor! To ease out the sheet, just push the button on top of the handle and turn clock wise. There is no need to even touch the rope. Instant trim makes for higher boat speed.

For the family cruising sailor, one handed operation means safety – no hands are even close to the drum when easing out the rope. In rough conditions you can hold on with your free hand. Single handed sailors can steer and trim at the same time!

A removeable/retractable Seldén bowsprit, sold as a kit for adaption to your yacht. Basically, you fit two pad eyes on deck in line with the bow bracket. The bow bracket is a stainless ring with a polyamide (PA) inner lining through which you slide the bowsprit to active position. When you’re done with the gennaker, slide the bowsprit back and secure it to the aft pad eye. The inboard end features a spring-loaded plunger for easy attachment to the pad eye.locità.
The gennaker tackline is preferably pulled through the bowsprit. The line enters a well rounded hole in the outboard end and comes out through the inboard end.
Alternatively, a tack block can be fitted to the outboard end.:

  • Unique inboard and outboard ends
  • Can be fitted to most yachts
  • Always in stand-by position for active use
  • Makes for fast and efficient gennaker handling
  • Increases the performance of your gennaker sailing
  • Easy stowage when not in use

The next are the Seldén aluminium or carbon fiber  spinnaker poles that give you fast and safe spinnaker handling. All the fittings have well-rounded edges to prevent personal injury and damage to equipment. The extrusions are lightweight and very durable.

74" long using a 42mm Tapered pole. Includes a top lifting eye so jaws are facing downward.
Frullone elettrico Selden
The exclusive Sélden Push & Twist system. It is an innovative rope pass to be fixed to the stanchions: created for the closed circuit of the Gennaker, Code 0 and Code D rolling systems (whiskers), it is foreseen for the passage of two lines.

Solid and compact, it can also be used for the top of the genoa furler and possibly the foresail furler.

It opens and closes with a simple movement: push and turn. Inserting and removing the line then becomes child's play.

And yet the Blocks, with balls, bearings or with sheave, simple, double, triple, with turnbuckle or without, with cleat or free.

Depending on the intended use, we are able to recommend and supply the most suitable block by type, size, breaking load, specific job, quality and price.

The last born of the House, the Electric Furler for gennakers, Code 0, and asymmetrical rollers in general.

Lightweight and compact, it has been designed to be used with ease. The installation, which requires fast watertight plugs, obviously requires the intervention of an on-board electrician.

Seldén's is a complete range of deck products for sailboats, capable of providing an answer to every need on board.

It would be impossible to dwell on all the accessories here: we still offer all the items in the vast catalogue, together with our experience and expertise.
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