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Nautical Accessories & Sails of Excellence
Exclusive and Top-Quality Marine Equipment
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Who we are...
Passion, experience, research and study are the basis on which we built F&B Yachting. Today we are proud to present our unique portfolio of products, all representing state-of-the-art innovation and the highest quality range of products for the contemporary nautical sector.

Enthusiasts love us for the originality of the products we sell and distribute exclusively in Italy. Each and every item is selected and tested at length before  being released on the market.

We market our products directly – cut out intermediaries, agents or sub-contractors – so the items reach clients or stores at the best possible prices. We strive to provide value for money, top quality and unique design as a common denominator.

But this isn't all. We pride ourselves on giving our clients the best customer service money can buy.

From the moment we select an accessory to add to our range, we carry out in-depth research to offer each client excellent care, technical expertise and solutions.
By the same token, on our website, as well as in our show-room at Lavagna Marina (Genoa - Italy), along with our top quality products, we offer a wide range of other  STANDARD  'side items', that we have tested and the choosen according to price, quality, reliability and as far as possible innovation.

When customers come to our show-room, we can explain or illustrate the technical characteristics and unique features of our products by showing concrete examples, numerous filmed recordings or interactive demonstrations.
F&B Yachting Show Room
Three different professionals at your service:
Ezio Grillo
Ezio Grillo
Qualified in Marketing and Communications, but also keen Sailor and internationally experienced Skipper, has now dedicated himself wholeheartedly to the F&B Yachting project. After having owned and managed a well-known Press/Communication Agency in Milan for 15 years, in 2007 committed himself full-time to the sailing industry.
He has two active publications with the nautical publisher il Frangente: "Mai più MAYDAY" and "La Zattera di Salvataggio". He occasionally collaborates with the Nautica magazine with articles on both general and technical nautical culture.
Simone Crippa

Simone Crippa
The youngest member of our team and our future. Born in Liguria he inherited a love of the sea from his family, and has invested his passion in F&B Yachting. Curious and interested in everything, he has an in-depth knowledge of our products but also has considerable experience in relating to mooring or anchoring techniques.

Giovanni Crippa

Gianni Crippa
During his professional career he has worked professionally in a number of  different sectors.
Passionate about technical innovation, enjoys inventing things (has many patents to his name) and is the creator of the Anchor Free-Out sold and supplied by us. His irrepressible passion for the sea inspired his involvement of the F&B Yachting project.

F&B Yachting Certification Our special 'certification' allows us to recommend some of our products as being exceptional. Specifically products that have undergone extensive testing or have successfully and reliably been used for years at sea,  and we consider to be beyond comparison.
The 'certification' allows our clients to know that the items are  without  doubt, the best money can buy in terms  of quality and  features  and are

The 'certification' allows our clients to know that the items are  without  doubt, the best money can buy in terms  of quality and  features  and are also covered by our 'Fully-satisfied-or-your-money-back' special guarantee.
We also offer an even greater after-sales service than required by law, that covers any problems that might occur during installation or use of the part in question. (Just click on the item to  find out more).

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F&B Yachting SAS
Porto Turistico, 7
16033 Lavagna (GE) - Italy
Tel (+39) 0185 199 0856 - Fax (+39) 0185 199 0925
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Privacy Policy
F&B Yachting SAS
Porto Turistico, 7
16033 Lavagna (GE) - Italy
Tel (+39) 0185 199 0856 - Fax (+39) 0185 199 0925
PI: IT 01479370999
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