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New 2014
The unique PMI Rope Washer

From the American PMI (Pigeon Mountain Industries, Inc), we introduce to you the clever and useful Rope Washer

New 2014
Dumo ACM, the revolutionary antifoul

We are very glad to introduce Dumo ACM the revolutionary electronic antifoul easy to use and low maintenance, impressive effective against wildlife that nests on the ships hulls.

Hook & Moor
the magic hook for mooring

Champion of sales, the boat hook & passing-through mooring rope system.
Easy to use is the only that together with the traditional yacht hook has an exclusive passing-through system for your mooring rope.

New 2013
The multiuse natural lubricants LanoProtect

In addition to being a natural multi-use eccelent lubricant that will not evaporate quickly, LanoProtect will Penetrate, Seal, Protect, Displace, Clean and is non conductive to 70kV ensuring electrics are protected against moisture damage.

Click on the ledt picture to learn more...

New 2014
Scrubbis the clever hull cleaner

Its name is Scrubbis and is the tool that can easily remove barnacles and other coating from your yacht hull. Now you can quickly clean the hull while your yacht is in water.

Click on the left picture to learn more!

New product
C-pod, and your yacht is alwais under-control


Now, you can check on your boat at any time via your computer or your mobile phone. To check that everything is as it should be. And you can also switch on and off all equipments you need  (heater, fridge, bilge pomp and others).

New 2013
Shock-Line, the mooring line with shock-absorber

Usacord Shock-line is a excellent polyester mooring rope with an integrated shock-absorber made in pure latex inside the sock.
It is equipped with a ending loop of 25 centimetres.

Kiwiprops sail-yacht propellers
now available the 4 blades model


The new Kiwiprops K4 propeller is now available with four composite blades on a Stainless Steel blade carrier and boss.
This unit is designed for higher horsepower installations, and installations where for larger vessels.  All the adavntages of the 3 blades unit on the best 4 blades propeller!

New 2013
The best Mooring Shock Absorbers

Charly Bravo

The powerful marine shock absorbers to mooring safety your Yacht.

Why Charly Bravo? Because is silent, safe, powerful and progressive!
Please click on the side-photo to learn more about…

New 2013
The Seldén push & Twist System

The exclusive Seldén Push & Twist, the double fairlead that consist of a composite bracket fitted to a your stanchions and a spring loaded "push-and-twist" bale in stainless steel. Easy to open to attach the line and easy to close. The system can  be used as passing-by rope for your furling gennaker, Code 0, genoa or staysail.  

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