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The robot handle for all on-board winches
Sailing is a pleasure, but we know that it can also be very tiring.
Advancing age, sailing with a reduced crew are just some of the reasons that drive many boat-owners not to give-up their passion and electrify winches in some way.
Maniglia Winch Ewincher
We have a very advanced, extremely functional and cheaper solution: the EWINCHER robotic-electric winch handle.
It is in fact a single motorization for all the winches on board.

It has been designed for all boats from 30 to 60 feet.
Equipped with various functions, it is extremely flexible in use so that it can be used in all situations and for all manoeuvres.

Let's start with the performance of EWINCHER:

Very POWERFUL, it delivers 450 W of electricity associated with a torque of 90 Nm: translated this means that it allows you to easily hoist a 110 kg person to the masthead of a 55-foot boat.
Or it allows you to easily pull the sheet of a 160 m² spinnaker with 15 knots of wind.

It is very FAST: it performs up to 100 rotations per minute (an athletic person hardly exceeds 60 rotations/minute) in electric mode: that is, it hoists the mainsail in 65 seconds on a 45-footer (Oceanis 45)

EWINCHER offers 3 modes of use:

  • Electric mode: for maximum help with the motor absorbing 100% of the work.
  • Manual mode: to make fine adjustments as if it were a traditional winch handle.
  • Combined mode: for exceptionally high recovery speed.
Two functions that can be associated with each other allow you to optimize the speed control of the mode.

  • Variable speed. Simply with the tip of a finger, with a light pressure on the trigger, you can control the rotation speed of the winch-up to one hundred revolutions per minute! The more you press, the faster the speed increases.
  • Rotation change on two-speed winches: EWINCHER adapts by allowing you to choose between two rotations, high and low. In fact, the direction of rotation and the speed can be constantly controlled, choosing at any moment whether to use the high or low traction of the winch. Switching from one winch speed to another can be done in two ways:
Simply by pressing the second button on the handle, located directly below the knob.
Or in the most intuitive way, by tilting EWINCHER on the other side of the winch, one switches to the direction of rotation in which one wishes to operate. From the first use you will adopt this completely intuitive feature.

To use EWINCHER in manual mode, press and hold the second button located under the knob. This function is useful for fine adjustments or simply to check the tension of the lines: there is therefore no need to change the winch handle because you already have a classic one in your hands!

The combined mode consists of using the electric mode and, instead of keeping the handle stationary, of turning it traditionally: the two rotation speeds are then added together and thus an unparalleled driving speed is reached. This mode is very useful at the start of a maneuver, when you have very little tension on the lines and need to trim very quickly.
Batteria Ewincher
The Li-ion Battery:

EWINCHER is equipped with a removable 25.2 V lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 3,000 mAh and 75.6 Wh and an electrical power of 450 W. Autonomy is at least 1 day of navigation for boats up to 45 feet with a recharge time of 1 hour and a half at 12V or 220V.
An example of use on a Dufour 405: 10-15 knots of wind, the EWINCHER battery allows the mainsail to be hoisted 3 times and then 40 tacks by maneuvering the genoa.

The hypothesis of having a second battery depends largely on the size of the boat and the navigation needs. We have seen that one battery guarantees more than one day of navigation on boats of less than 45 feet: a second battery is therefore not recommended in this case. For larger boats, however, it may be useful depending on the use.
Battery Life Expectancy:
There are two key aspects to consider:
1. The lithium-ion battery consists of cells that deteriorate over time regardless of their use after about three years. In most cases, battery replacement is not considered before the 4th year.
2, Tests carried out show that a loss of capacity only begins to be felt after 300 complete charge and discharge cycles. In the case of using the battery on a 40-footer, knowing that only half of the maximum battery charge is used in a day of navigation, this is equivalent to saying that the battery allows at least 600 days of navigation before starting to lose capacity.
EWINCHER was designed on the model of the classic winch handle and the design is the result of a long research on ergonomics to make it easier to hold and use on board.
The length of EWINCHER is 250 mm (the same as a conventional handle) so as to adapt perfectly to the deck plan of each boat.

To prevent damages to the equipment and for obvious safety reasons, EWINCHER is equipped with a torque limiter that can be controlled from any smartphone.

The App also allows you to access other valuable information including the detailed battery charge, its usage time, the user manual.

It comes with an ergonomic case, to always have it ready in the cockpit. Available in two colors: black and white or yellow and gray.
Kit Ewincher
App Ewincher
Misure Ewincher
Technical features
Work capacity450W - 90Nm torque
BetteryRemovable 25.2V Li-ion - 3,000mAh and 75.6Wh capacity
AuronomyApproximately one day of sailing (on 45-foot boats)
Charging time1.5 hours at 12V or 220V
Water resistanceIPX6 certified
Wight2,2 kg
Two year warranty
Logo Ewincher SE
The latest winch handle from the House is the economical EWINCHER SE model.

Same dimensions as its "older sister". It is less fast, reaching 83 idle revolutions per minute, but maintaining the same torque of 90 Nm.

It comes only with the carrying bag and 220 volt charger.
Ewincher SE
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