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ODÍN is a unique product in the world, specific for boating, with protective, penetrating, lubricating and antioxidant properties.
Lubrificante protettivo Odìn
Thanks to its high permanence, it is anti-rust, anti-humidity, protects against saline and galvanic corrosion of parts and components that are exposed to marine effects (salsenide, atmospheric elements, etc.).

ODÍN is a dielectric (NOT conductive substance), it is a powerful lubricant that dissolves fats, oxides and sea salt oxidations, unblocking blocked metal parts.


ODÍN is a professional and VERSATILE product, therefore easy to use even for those who want to do "do-it-yourself" maintenance.

It is indispensable in preparing the boat for wintering as well as in its normal maintenance (perfect for parts in stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminium, brass, iron, but also for the protection of plastics and other materials).
It takes care of lubricating and protecting all types of marine engines, keeping them in perfect condition, but it is also perfect for lubricating and unlocking moving and mechanical parts such as handles, spark plugs, winches, blocks, organisers, pulleys, rails, stoppers and cam cleats, carabiners , padlocks, etc.

ODÍN is universal, it keeps everything lubricated and PROTECTED for a very extended period of time.

Protective power of ODÍN
Confronto Odìn
Technical data
colorless, clear, liquid
aerosols of solvents and propellants
Density (20 °C)
0,65 +/- 0,01 kg dm3
Quontity par unit
400 ml
Technical specifications
Semi-wet lubricant
Excellent when used frequently
Very Good
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