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The first INTEGRATED electric outboard engine
light, powerful and easy to use
RemigoOne is the 1000 Watt electric outboard motor, created to revolutionise the world of propulsion for tenders and small boats
In fact, the project started from the pain-points of outboards that every sailor knows well - whether they are electric or petrol (and the same propulsion "class"):
  • weight,
  • external electrical cables,
  • external petrol pipes.
  • corrosion and deterioration of parts,
  • poor manoeuvrability,
  • poor handling,
  • oil and fuel leaks,
  • low reliability (petrol ignition),
  • continuous maintenance and low autonomy.

With RemigoOne we have overcome them all, thus guaranteeing our customers a simple, reliable and problem-free navigation experience, regardless of experience level.
In fact, in terms of the design and construction logic of outboards, there have not been many changes in the last 100 years.

With the major leap from fuel to electric propulsion, the tanks were simply replaced with batteries, some placing them on top of the engine body, others using long connection cables.

But vital parts of the electrical system, as well as the fuel circuits for a combustion engine, require greater protection from environmental agents such as high temperatures, humidity, salt and UV rays: and this is where we saw the potential for major changes in RemigoOne.

Descrizione Tecnica REMIGO
We then focused on redesigning the user-machine interaction, listening to skilled boaters and professional sailors, and then doing a lot of testing.

We have thus achieved a perfectly balanced weight-power-efficiency ratio (it weighs only 12 kg), an extraordinarily simplified and intuitive fixing and control system.

Not only eliminating in one fell swoop the limitations and problems of petrol propulsion, but eliminating electrical cables, developing the controls inherited and adapted from traditional mechanical ones (the knobs)

The outboard mounting bracket has been revolutionised to make assembling the engine as easy as possible, making it immediate and safe.

First fix the bracket - which from then on will remain on the transom, and the engine will be installed (less weight, less risk of falling when cocking the engine, etc.).
To reduce weight, volume and simplify manoeuvres, the control bar has been equipped with various functions: with a simple "pistol" movement it transforms from a bar (horizontal position) into a transport handle (vertically downwards) and a locking in central position.
At just 12 kg it is the lightest of all 2.5/3 HP petrol outboards and electric equivalents available on the market.

The entire body is made of marine aluminium rather than plastic that degrades when exposed to UV rays, salt and water.
The body, in which all the vital parts and the battery are integrated, is watertight, reaching IP67 protection for the external parts and IP69 for the submerged parts.

Furthermore, RemigoOne is engineered as an open system, which will allow not only the use of future additional components, but also the ability to be updated in the management software.

Again, it is a UNIQUE ADJUSTABLE SIZE MODEL designed to fit all boats by simply adjusting the length between 15 and 30 inches in height (equivalent from S to XL).
RemigoOne therefore can be used on any boat up to 1.5 tons and/or 7-8 meters in length.
This foot adjustment also allows you to find the perfect position for the best performance of each type of hull.
Remigo pannello comandi
The supply is controlled using only 2 buttons and is activated with the appropriate safety magnetic key (killswitch cable) which acts as an on/off switch and also as an emergency switch.

Very high performance with low energy consumption: the battery autonomy is 14 and a half miles at a speed of 3.5 knots, cruising speed on a tender.

At the maximum speed of around 5 knots the batteries will last more than an hour.

It resists temperatures between -30°C and 50°C.
Charging from scratch occurs in alternating current in 6 hours (with a fast charger in 3 hours) or even at 12-24 V in direct current (even solar panels).

Every single detail of our engine was not left to chance: even the RemigoOne logo on the body was made of reflective film (the same as road signs), so that it lasts over time and above all that it is visible at night.

RemigoOne, due to its simplicity and versatility, is also perfect for use in charter flotillas, where it is common to swap outboards between different boats following customer requests
RemigoOne Video
Technical Characteristics
Power1000 Watt - equivalent to about 3 HP
Weight12 kg without fixing support - 14 kg incl. support
Autonomy14,5 miles (use 3.5 nods) - more than 1 hour at 5 nods
Max Speed5 nods (in dependence of hulls and displacement)
nominal voltage36 volt
Rechargeable batteryIntegrated Lithium Ion 1085 Wh
Charging timesquick (220 volt) 3 hours - standard  6 hours
in c/c 12 hours
Charging type220 CA and 12/24 volt CC
Waterproof levelsPart above water IP67 - submerged part IP69
1250 mm x 295 mm x 90 mm
Operating temperature
-30°C and 50°C
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