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Parasailor  della Istec
Parasailor New Generation, is the surprising downwind sail (and not only) capable of:

  • Give exciting performances
  • Ensuring a lot of safety even in a small or family crew
  • Keep everything under control even in prohibitive conditions for traditional sails
  • Be more reliable and resistant than traditional downwind sails
  • Make fast and safe jibes (use without spinnaker-pole)
  • Going from full downwind to upwind (even without spinnaker-pole)
Do you believe it is possible?
With Parasailor, thanks to its exclusive innovations, these and many other aspirations will be absolutely guaranteed.

To be used daily in cruising as in long regattas, Parasailor New Generation is able to express very high performance, increasing safety on board even in the most demanding situations.
This is confirmed by the fact that every year more and more sailors from all over the world use Parasailor for the ARC (the famous crossing of the Atlantic).

More performance:

Parasailor New Generation, is capable of replacing spinnakers, asymmetric spinnakers, gennakers and different types of sails (practically all stern sails) in all displacement and even in planing- sailing boats , ensuring superior performance.

In fact, it guarantees 5 positive effects:

  1. A surprising angle of action that goes from 180° to the apparent wind (full downwind) up to 60° to the apparent wind (real upwind) in consideration of the characteristics of the boat (the catamarans reach about 70°) and the use with or without spinnaker pole.
  2. Absolute stability of the sail: once adjusted it no longer requires continuous adjustments.
  3. An impressive stability and balance of the boat: the bow lifts, no strength or reactions to fight.
  4. Up to 10% more average and critical speed performance than traditional sails!
  5. An unparalleled range in apparent wind knots: it enters performance with only 5 apparent wind knots and you can use, depending on the characteristics of your boat, up to winds of 10 knots more than those suggested for traditional load-bearing sails.

Greater comfort:

  •   The lightening of the bow and the stabilizing action of New Generation Parasailor , lead to a drastic decrease in pitch and roll.
  •   The boat is enormously balanced and docile: no unexpected reactions, great comfort even with a wave formed!
  •   Used without spinnaker-pole, thanks to its stability even at 180 ° on the apparent wind, it ensures easy and fast jibes!
  •   The course stability is such as to allow the use of autopilot!
  •   The revolutionary Easysnuffer recovery-sock, (with the exclusive multi-level system) makes it easy to hoist and close Parasailor.

Greater security:

  • No more broaching due to gusts of wind!
  • Without spinnaker-pole and combined with its recovery-sock, Parasailor New Generation is easily manoeuvrable and, with the help of the autopilot, can be used without problems and safely with the minimum crew required by the type of boat (for boats without particular problems, we guarantee in two people medium-trained).
  • The careful study of the profiles, the reinforcements optimized according to the lines of force, as well as the special and exclusive fabrics, guarantee Parasailor New Generation an incomparably high resistance.
  • It is admitted in all regatta formulas, except IMS.

Here is the secret:

Each  Parasailor is a highly durable product. Already its structure lets it  cope with hard gusts much better than regular spinnakers. The horizontal  opening is a true safety vent, allowing a sudden and strong increase in  air pressure to exit the sail in a controlled manner. Furthermore, the  multiply and double-stitched clews as well as the webbing and dacron  tape reinforced leeches make the Parasailor a tough downwind sail.
Parasailor range under apparent wind
Vela Parasailor personalizzata
Parasailor New Generation
Ala Ibrida  Parasailor New Generation
The hybrid wing:

The heart and great innovation of the Parasailor New Generation lies in the newly developed hybrid wing.

Geometry:  compared to the classic one, the new hybrid wing is more compact in its  external dimensions, but much more efficient. This is thanks to the  combination of a long and continuous upper wing and a shorter lower wing  with caissons.
Therefore, the upper  sail forms a single section (single skin) of wing on the trailing edge:  the result is a three-dimensional wing that ends in "single skin"  reaching a combination of dynamic pressure that guarantees very high  efficiency both with winds light, be very strong.
Attack angle and curvature: the  higher camber (profile curvature) and a greater angle of attack, give  the new hybrid wing a significant increase in lift and intrinsic  stability. Compared to the previous wing, this greater power guarantees a  higher reactivity of the wing itself and an entry into performance with  much weaker winds.
Wing with caisson
Therefore, the performance regime of the Parasailor New Generation, obviously depending on the marineconditions, already starts with only two 2-3 knots of apparent (we prefer, however, to declare 5).

How the wing works

A tailwind fills the sail and propels the yacht forward (advance). Part of the pressure escapes through the opening in the sail behind which the wing has been fitted in such a way that the air flows past above and below it. Thanks to the shape of the wing and the angle at which  the  air flows  towards  it  (with  the  angle  optimised  for
Downwind to the sail a low pressure is formed which creates, through the large opening, a strong suction.
Thus an air flow is born that passes above and below the wing: thus the hybrid wing transforms this flow into a force and then into a considerable propulsive traction (1) and an upward thrust (2): see the diagram next. The result is an upward towing forward (red line): the horizontal force on the halyard (3) decreases significantly (about 25%). The bow of the boat is greatly relieved, thus avoiding the tendency to embarrass.

Finally, the supporting wing acts as a stabilizer for the entire boat; and being constantly open, as if it were a huge batten, it avoids the fall of the herringbones keeping the sail always exposed and stable.
Forze sviluppate da Parasailor
The grand opening:

A  brilliant relief valve for excess pressure. The large opening at the  point of maximum pressure guarantees, in addition to the flow of air on  the bearing surfaces of the wing, the exclusive function of outflow, of relief of excess pressure.  The sudden gusts of wind are in fact diverted and collected by the wing  which instantly translates the potentially negative forces into a  positive upward thrust. The result is an evident lightening of the bow  and, above all, a drastic decrease in the risk of boat broaching.

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