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the superior one is the Potassium and Strontium Flame Inhibitor
Athos Stick piastrina inibitrice
What we present on this page is probably one of the most important innovations in the field of passive safety, in the PREVENTION of fires.

Most of the fires on board develop due to short circuits: they are therefore activated silently, often the smell of burning appears first, then in the search for the origin the locker or cupboard is opened, giving air, and involuntarily the fire is fuelled. real fire with an explosive flash.
It is called STICK, it is produced by the Italian company Athos, and is based on the now proven extinguishing capacity of potassium in this case mixed with strontium (see our NANO fire extinguisher).

It is a plate that is glued inside the electrical panels, behind the electrical panels, in the lockers where battery chargers and other electronic devices are located, if desired in the engine compartment: their duration is guaranteed for 6 years. If a blaze or fire starts,

STICK is already activated at 170 degrees and intervenes in a few moments, emitting a powerful aerosol of potassium and strontium.

STICK offers by far the largest protection volume in the category: 0.3 m2 per plate, This volatile substance will float within the electrical zone, extinguishing and preventing any reactivation of the fire.
MAUS STIXX inibitore di fiamma
How does it work:

The solid substance of which the STICK plate is made is mainly made up of a compound of potassium and strontium whose radicals are extremely active and interrupt chemical combustion reactions by neutralising hydrogen, oxygen and hydroxide radicals in the flame.

Potassium strontium aerosol is more effective than a conventional powder one due to the nature of aerosols. made up of very small particles in a gas. In fact, these have a low falling speed: the molecules are less subject to the force of gravity and therefore will remain suspended for a longer time than dust particles, acting longer in the inertization process.
Where to use it?

  • Behind the electrical panels
  • Near the battery charger In the gas bottle compartment In small power plants
  • Everywhere there are closed electrical units
  • On the battery charger

How many plates to apply?

It's very simple: Stick safely protects up to 0.3 m3.
Simply calculate the volume of the area to be protected (length × width × height).

Where to apply the plates:

Always position them in the highest part or possibly on the two upper sides of the systems (the flames go upwards).
Technical specifications
Fire Class
B, C, E
87 x 20 mm
26 g (±1.5g)
Product Guarantee:
6 years presumed
Activation temperature:
170°C +- 10°C
Protected area per unit:
0,3 m3
Activation temperature:
-35°C +90°C
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