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Eliche Variprop
The most performing feathering propellers of all seas
From the heart of Germany, we are proud to bring to Italy a worldwide famous propeller brand for its INCOMPARABLE quality: SPW.

Historic company from Bremerhaven, from the entire range we present its high-profile product for sailboats: the VariProp FEATHEING Propellers.

The feahering propellers in general (of any brand) are recognized as the best solution for sailboats because:

  • They maintain or improve forward engine performance without creating dangerous secondary problems
  • They improve performance, lift and maneuverability in reverse with a decrease in the evolution effect.
  • By decreasing friction in the water, sailing performance is significantly improved (ours guarantee a 15-20% higher sailing speed compared to a fixed blade)
Simulazione attriti eliche
The difference between a good and an EXCELLENT propeller is expressed (and discovered) in those conditions in which noone would ever want to find himself: vertical bow waves, stern waves, strong currents in favor or against.

That is when the exact ratio between speed and expressible power, together with the exact profiles of the blades, make the difference in thrust and the presence or absence of cavitation.
Elica VariProp
Since its origins, SPW has invested in research, innovation, cutting-edge production processes, material characteristics and rigorous quality control processes, following an inflexible process of INTEGRATED ENGINEERING.

They literally led the market by anticipating cutting-edge evolutionary solutions (ease of installation, adjustment and simplified maintenance, anti-shock systems, etc.) to which the "competition" could not help but try to adapt.

It is the only house that technically gives the qualitative certainty of the final product thanks to the integrated engineering process:
  • Design on a 3D SOFTWARE - the true heart of the House - developed internally to design every exceptional as well as every single ordered propeller.
  • Every single propeller model is PATENTED. These are not propellers reproduced equal to themselves in different sizes.
  • To guarantee the PERFECT PROPELLER FOR EVERY BOAT, every single order is calculated by the engineers with extreme precision, taking into account multiple and precise factors. When necessary, the propeller is proportioned according to technical requirements.
  • Every single propeller is BALANCED at the end of the production process (an operation that is surprisingly not common among all manufacturers).
  • Every single propeller leaves the SPW with a UNIQUE SERIAL NUMBER and a TEST REPORT which not only certifies its perfection, but makes any extraordinary maintenance easy and safe
It is only through our integrated engineering process that we can GUARANTEE the perfect propeller for your boat
VariProp 4 pale
Furthermore: all VariProps models enjoy the highest simplicity of assembly and maintenance: the propeller arrives already assembled, ready to be installed. Seasonal maintenance is done simply by changing the grease using a grease pump and nozzle.

Equipped with the patented SOFTSTOP anti-tear clutch and made of the best bronze, they not only guarantee the longest life, but also the least wear over time.

The strong point of the VariProps is the precise and simple external blade incidence adjustment system (to intervene on the power/speed ratio).
In a few moments, even when submerged, it is in fact possible to adjust the pitch with millimeter precision and safety using a common Allen key.

They are made of NIBRAL Bronze adopting the most advanced high precision CNC technologies.

Thanks to the accurate GAWN profiles and low weight, our propellers guarantee exceptional performance under sail: they are therefore the ideal feathering propellers for racing and cruising, while guaranteeing the highest motor performance at the same time, both in sailing conditions at cruising, both at high speed.

For engines from 12 to 750 horsepower, VariProps are available in 2, 3 and 4 blade models.
Robustness and great resistance of the gears make the VariProp the unequaled propeller in the world for performance and durability.

In fact, the design difference of this propeller compared generically to the competition is obtained by simplifying the gears as much as possible in order to be able to mold them directly together with the blade in its own very hard material (the other propellers are normally produced by assembling the gears). It is known that different materials in contact wear more than materials of the same type.

And it is precisely this exclusive technology that makes them applicable also on ships with significant displacement and equipped with powerful engines.
VariProp 2 blades is the standard propeller for smaller sailboats with power from 6 to 40kW.

Ideal for both racing and cruising, it ensures great efficiency over time.

Very balanced in thrust, in reverse the blades self-adjust ensuring excellent lift.
The 3-blade VariProp is the standard propeller for sailing yachts with motors from 6 to 100 kW.
Equipped with a very smooth thrust, it has excellent stability even with rough seas and use in high power.
Of great durability, like the 2-blade model, it guarantees excellent maneuverability thanks to the reversible blades that self-adjust on the best thrust. It is the ideal propeller for cruise boats.
VariProp “Blue Water” with 4 blades. Especially when cruising in rough seas, excessive blade work causes cavitation with loss of power when it is most needed.

The solution is VARIPROP 4 blades, the most advanced in the world, with 30% wider blades, less friction, and greater resistance. The smaller diameter manages to be mounted where other 4 blades cannot. The price is less than you might think and the end result is spectacular
Veriprop XLS
VariProp XLS is the special propeller, simply the best for sailing ships and superyachts.

It is literally custom built based on the special solutions required by every sailing superyacht and is in fact the best automatic flag thruster for large boats.
VariProp Video
Measuring Recording Instrument
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