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Segnale LED a mano Odeo Flare
Odeo Flare MK3 is the emergency hand signal of the future, although it is already available today.

Among the emergency equipment required by law in almost all legal systems, pyrotechnic emergency hand signals, the so-called "fires", are mandatory.
To be clear, "pyrotechnics is a technique consisting in producing and using fireworks, made through the use of gunpowder for the explosion and other reagents to obtain colors and visual effects".
Segnale a mano Odeo Flre MK3
Odeo Flare MK3 is the emergency hand signal but without fire: in fact, it uses the most advanced LED technology and, for this reason, it only gives advantages.

The concept that we have always insistently proposed is that safety must be increased continuously and wherever possible at sea: the law prescribes the minimum equipment, but any of us is free to adopt MORE - that is, having the prescribed equipment on board - all the extra equipment that we think could be useful in this sense.

Odeo Flare MK3 should be adopted on all sailing and motor boats for the following reasons:
1. Does not generate flames: consequently no risk for the operator, the boat, the awnings, even more so on the liferaft.
2. Has a very long life in use: unlike traditional hand signals that light up for only about 30 seconds before finally turning off, the Odeo Flare MK3 turns on and lights up for about 6 hours!
It therefore increases the possibility of being sighted as it multiplies the duration of the emergency signal over time.
3. You can use it repeatedly: unlike traditional flares that ignite and burn out and wear out permanently, Odeo Flare MK3 can be turned on and off multiple times as needed.
Once again it multiplies the possibilities of use: the traditional ones, once the 30 seconds of use have ended, are used up and are thrown away.
4. Only one unit: since they have a long life and can be turned on and off, if they were approved by law only one unit on board would be enough, at most two units but for pure safety. Pyrotechnic hand signals must instead be present in a kit of several units in order to be able to guarantee more than one signal
5. No expiry date: Odeo Flare MK3 does not have to be replaced periodically because it has no expiry date: simply change the batteries.
(Secondary advantage, since it does not contain gunpowder like traditional pyrotechnic ones, it is totally safe and can therefore be safely sent by post and carried in luggage even on plane flights).
Odeo Flare MK3
An essential quality of the emergency signals is, so that they cannot be confused with other lights, that they emit a glow very similar to that generated by the pyrotechnic flame which is in fact the most recognized and recognizable emergency flash: Odeo Flare MK3 not only mimics pyrotechnic lightning, but has even greater intensity.

It is therefore visible from greater distances and also emits a homogeneous omnidirectional light, which is in fact a further improvement compared to traditional flame hand signals.
Odeo Flare Testa a LED
Finally, it also emits a visual SOS signal during the flash pattern, making it even more of an internationally recognized distress signal.

Odeo Flare MK3 have been designed according to the SOLAS requirements (Safety Of Life At Sea, an international convention aimed at protecting the safety of human life in merchant navigation) whose characteristics, if not equal, are often superior to those required for use in recreational navigation: yet at the moment they are not formally recognized as a substitute for pyrotechnic ones.

For the moment, the law requires the adoption of traditional "fires", but does not prohibit the integration with additional equipment.

We believe that your Country Regulations will soon adapt to this new technology, but in the meantime we wholeheartedly recommend equipping yourself with at least one Odeo Flare MK3 unit to be fixed to the wall in its support, close at hand next to the emergency kit.
Designed and tested for marine use, the performance of the Odeo Flare MK3 makes it a likely piece of equipment for any outdoor sporting activity such as mountaineering, canoeing, cycling etc…
Data sheet
Unit body
Glass fiber reinforced nylon
Body colour
Light emission
At full voltage peak light output of 100cd
LED number and colour
21 leds red colour
Emission hemisphere
Complete upper hemisphere plus 20 lower degrees
Sighting range
Minimum 3 nautical miles; up to 6 nautical miles in ideal conditions
3 x AA L91 Lithium iron disulphide cells
Battery life
It is recommended that batteries not in use be replaced every 2 years
Operating temperature
from -40° C to + 60° C
Operation with wind
Operational duration
about 6 hours at full light
Water resistance
Never expires - Change batteries regularly
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