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The Revolutionary Potassium Flame Inhibitor
Maus Stixx Pro
What we present on this page is probably one of the most important innovations in the field of passive safety.

Most of the fires on board develop due to short circuits: therefore they are activated silently, often the smell of burning appears first, then in searching for the origin the locker or cabinet is opened and, involuntarily giving air, the which with an explosive flash will become a real fire.
MAUS STIXX inibitore di fiamma
Our innovation is called MAUS STIXX Pro (evolution of MAUS STIXX) and is based on the well-tested extinguishing capacity of potassium (see our MAUS fire extinguishers).

These are small plates that are glued inside the electrical panels, behind the electrical panels, in the lockers where the battery chargers and other electronic devices are located, in the engine compartment: their duration is guaranteed for 5 years.

If a blaze or fire is triggered, already at 170 degrees MAUS STIXX PRO is activated and intervenes in 5 seconds, emitting potassium aerosols.

This volatile substance will float within the electrical zone extinguishing and preventing any reactivation of fire.
How does it work:

MAUS STIXX PRO is based on PGA Technology: the solid substance of which the plate is composed is mainly made up of a potassium compound whose radicals are very active and interrupt the chemical combustion reactions by neutralizing hydrogen, oxygen and hydroxide radicals in the flame.

MASU StiXX in azione
MASU StiXX in azione
MASU StiXX in azione
Potassium aerosol is more effective than a conventional powder due to the nature of the aerosols. made up of very small particles in a gas.

In fact, these have a low rate of fall: the molecules are less subject to the force of gravity, so they will remain suspended for a longer time than the dust particles, acting longer in the inerting process.

Where to use it?

  1. Behind the switchboards
  2. Near the charger
  3. In the gas bottle compartment
  4. In the battery compartments
  5. In small power plants
  6. Everywhere there are closed electrical units

How many plates to apply?

It is very simple to calculate the number of platelets according to the surface area to be protected.

In each space to be protected, its volume must be calculated in cubic meters, simplifying by excess as if it were a projection of a rectangular base: width x depth x height:

  • If the space is less than 0.1 m3 = 1 MAUS STIX Pro
  • If the space is between 0.1 and 0.2 m3 = 2 MAUS STIX Pro
  • If the space is between 0.2 and 0.3 m3 = 3 MAUS STIX Pro

Where to apply the plates:

Always place them next to each other and to the sides in the highest spaces.
Dove applicare MAUS STIXX
Technical specifications
12,1 x 1,7 x 1 cm
26 g (±1.5g)
Product life:
5 years (6 years presumed)
Activation time:
5 seconds
Protected area per unit:
0,1 m3 (about 100x50x20 cm)
Operating Temperature:
-30°C + 70°C
Activation temperature:
170°C +- 10°C
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